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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Mistakes are done by everyone. We commit them and try to avoid them also in day-to-day life. Parents are the basic teacher who is pointing the mistakes of their children. They even teach us humility. Humility is the branch of the discipline.
The important lesson of practical life is being taught in society as well as within the good company. And these could be polished in a better way in schools, colleges, and institutions. NCC and NSC generate the quality of Humility. People are appreciated for their acts. But it has got similar importance in writings also.
Phycologists are well trained in Service Selection Boards to select the right candidate for Army, Navy, and Air Force. They do not see even the candidates. They judge them with their writings. Our writings reflect our personalities. Facebook Friends are judged easily with their writings. We learned from parents, friends, relatives, and teachers. Now it is an excellent opportunity to add something more through this Facebook.
We learn different languages with the help of this small device. Hindi-speaking people can learn other languages. They can cultivate writing skills also. But as far as the question is concerned regarding HUMILITY, it has to be acquired to get through the writings of the other. We are not basically psychologists but we can say who is having a positive attitude and who has a negative attitude.
If someone writes wrong in his comments, his complete picture comes out before us. We think to suggest something good for correcting the mistakes. It can’t be nice to take the examination and be the examiner. Others can judge better rather than a participant. And it is completely wrong to be rigid. We must accept the advice of others. Never forget to express the gratitude which comes under HUMILITY. “HUMILITY FORGIVES SEVEN MISTAKES “!!
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal”
S.P.College Road
Nag path
Shiv Pahar

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