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Sep 5, 2021 · 2 min read

Gururbrahma gururvishnu gurudevo maheshwarah

Gururbrahma gururvishnu gurudevo maheshwarah

Brahma is there because he prepares and creates it from every point of view, Vishnu is because he protects him from many types of evils, destroys evils like Maheshwar.

But today the disciple wants to earn everything without any effort. Respect is completely gone. Even obscene acts are heard to be seen like this
The Guru-disciple tradition is getting tarnished somewhere. Every day, caste discrimination against students by teachers has become common practice at various levels of education. Today there is neither a tradition of guru-shishya nor they have ceased to be guru and disciple.

It is often seen that the relation of student and teacher is also like consumer and service provider.
Commercialization made education a factory
And the business is done. Wealth has become so important instead of sanskar that the relationship between teacher and disciple has deteriorated, so come forward to maintain the dignity of this sacred relationship so that we can carry forward this long tradition in a cultured manner. . Today the government is trying to make education reach every home.

For a teacher to teach honestly, it is necessary to understand the state of mind of the teachers. Teachers should also be given the respect they deserve. Teacher acts as a bridge between education and student. If this bridge remains weak, then it will not take long for the society to become hollow and misguided.

Merely giving gifts on ‘Teacher’s Day’ does not glorify the position of the teacher, it is necessary that the feelings of the teacher should be understood. The disciple and the guru need to introspect and know why the relationship between the two is bad.

Guru is compassion, Guru is gravity, Guru is glory. He is ready to throw everything in his beloved disciple twenty-four hours a day. That’s why he beats him, takes care of him, does everything.

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