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Green-Blue sparkle known as Corona at Rock Memorial.

Green-Blue sparkle known as Corona at Rock Memorial.

It was 1971, I went to South India first time, to attend Piping Ceremony
(Becoming of Commissioned Officer in Army) of my youngest brothe, at O.T.S, Madras now Chennai. It was very special for two things.
1st this group of Cadet had Broken all the previous record & it was first time
Chief of the Army, well known as Sam Bahadur viz General Manekshaw attending piping Ceremony at OTS.

Well all done, I went to see off my brother at Madras station for Agra, our home and I started my hitch-hike to all over South India as I didn’t wanted to lose this opportunity. Since South’s beauty is captivating and Greenery, spellbinding.

Temples are huge and temples ambiance calm solemn. Feeling of serenity sweeps in slowly, exhilarating body and mind to unexplainable dimension.

After visiting many places reached Kanyakumari. Three Seas, Bay of Bengal, Indian Sea and Arabian Sea inter mingling and splashing waves in three side, having different colours sands Red, Gray & white sand. It is mesmerizing.
My plan was to pay my reverence to Shri. Viveka Nanda at Rock Memorial and move to other place by evening, but that was NOT TO BE.

Ferryboat service is there to take you to The Rock just about 500 meter in
the sea. I had taken ferry and reached the rock, paid homage then stated
wondering to see the whole Rock. I came across a cave with board written
Meditation Cave. I went in, saw many people are meditating, I too sat down
closed my eyes and got lost to time. When I opened my eyes I saw there was no one. I came out, watched around; found no one, whole Rock is deserted.
Photography was prohibited, and I took it as God given opportunity and started clicking my camera.
But it lasted only few minutes, as suddenly three Saffron clad Swamijee
hurriedly came towards me shouting.

First they stopped me clicking my camera, and then ordered me to get out of Rock; public is not allowed to stay on after 12 noon due to high tide. In between there was lot of talk and questions. I somehow pacified them and told them it’s ok, I am going, handing them my one bag with my two set of dress, my camera and 12 film rolls, exposed and none exposed. Took step toward edge of Rock, and then they guessed my intention and said, what are you doing?
I said as you have ordered me to leave and since there is no ferry I will jump and swim across to main land. One of them said, are you in your senses, can’t you see its high tide this will kill in this rocky sea bed tearing your body into pieces.

I said, will you please let me know what you want me to do? They had a whispering conference, and first thing they asked, “Have you had your lunch.” I was bowled over, looked in to their eyes and said, ‘Yes Sir, with ROCK-AIR”. At first they smiled, then busted out with rippling laughter, invited me to their abode. I stayed there few days!

I am very lucky person, on the second day evening I along with Swamijee
witnessed a very rare spectacle of natures delight.

I had never ever seen such delight before: “While Sun was setting- A huge ball of soft amber red just seems to had touched the sea, Ah Wow, suddenly there was a great soundless sparkle around the whole Sun, with Green-Blue Aura around the Sun just for… may be 15 sec, 20 sec… don’t know as we all got so engrossed with the enthralling delightful site, we lost all count of time and sat dumb folded hypnotized till Sun totally set down.

We sat there totally in silence for quite some time, it started to get dark, and then Swamijee broke the silence and told me, “You are a blessed one. This is the second time in my whole life staying near the sea, the Sun blessed with Corona”.

Well to the date I haven’t seen again and Swamijee’s comment “Blessed one”
went over my dumb head to understand what does it mean at that time, but I feel
lucky to witness The sensation;
Ah perhaps I AM Blessed!!

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