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Grandmaa And Sweet Guava

It was afternoon .About two pm of the day .A boy was at the age of ten years.His name was Anand.He daily went to his grandmother taking food who lived a distance home.Today Anand was happy because his father purchased a new bycyle for him. He taken his cycle and lunch box and went to his grandmother.

Grandmaa! Grandmaa, he shouted .”Who is there ? “,she replied. Anand ! you have came. She kissed his forhead and asked to sit near her. Why you came in afternoon? Anand did not utter a word.After a minute he replied,” I have bring food for you.”You are late today, Why?” Again he kept silence.I have already cooked my food and eaten.Grandmaa took his stick and moved inside the home.Grandmaa was too old but healthy.

Anand walked behind his grandmaa and said,”father has given me a new cycle.”She smiled and replied,” Drive carefully on road.” Anand,”yes grandmaa”.She taken out two guava.Washed with water in a pot. Anand saw guava. It was torn and looked like someone has eaten. Suddenly!Anand said,”Grandmaa ! I will not eat the guava.” Grandmaa
had understand his feeling.She asked,”Why?”

She became little aggressive. She thought It was not Anand’s mistake.I forgot that he was child of rich person.Always enjoyed comfort and good food.Never taught by her mother about reality of life.Anad! You know that ,”Me and Your father ate such type of fruits and food in the past.It was taste sweet at that time when we were poor.Anand replied,”Yes I agreed, but now we are not poor.” Grandmaa! had taken breath heavily.

Anand! you know,”these guavas are still sweeter than that fresh one.” Its taste does not change with rich or poor. These type of guava had eaten by parrots. Parrot eats only sweet guava.” Really grandmaa,”Anand asked”.
Grandmaa took a knife and peel off the cutted portion of guava.She gave it to Anand.Ordered to Anand ,”eat this guava”. After cut a bit from his tooth,he surprised .Anand hugged his grandmaa soon.He replied,”I never eaten such a sweet guava before in life.” Anand understood the fact about reality.

✍🏼 Buddha Prakash,

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