Good manners – An essay

Good manners – An essay

Introduction:-Good manners mean good habits. Habits which
make a man complete in all means. Good manners always inculcate good efforts, good doings among men. Good manners means civilized human beings or we can say that the presence of mannered people create civilized society. Good manners make a man complete. A person who possesses good manners respected everywhere in the society. Good manners make one’s life sweet and smooth in all respect. Few good words are a part of it like thank you, may I help you, I beg your pardon and many more. These words are so small in speaking but have great impact on the minds of the other. Good manners cost nothing but they have great value in the society. Ill mannered people act as poison to the society. They are poisoning the stream of social life. They destroy the culture.
Good manners, a child learns first of all in his own family these
manners are not taught to him outside his house in this respect all members of the family from top to bottom play a vital role. Good manners mainly come from day to day routine by way of doing daily habits and by way of speaking to others. Children are like soft lay, we can mould them in any direction. It can decide their future by creating some good habits among them. It is in the family that they learn how to talk and conduct towards others. In a violent family one can’t expect politeness from the children. If the parents are every time quarrelling in the family, they can’t expect their children to be polite and soft spoken. Where there is no mutual understanding in a family it will be too much to expect them of children.
Our surroundings and social environment can be made pleasing and sunny by virtue of the presence of mannered people so that everyone may enjoy this company or social environment. A mannered person charms others with his pleasant and polite behaviours. Good manners can be seen inaction also as it is observed in speaking. Helping senior citizens, physically disabled persons or a person who is in
great need, if helped are a part of good manners. Such small acts go a long way in winning over others hearts. Good manners dignify your personality; you may be recognized even in a large gathering, if you keep manners.
Good manners always inculcate good habits and good deeds/culture in a person. These manners reflect through his personality and create confidence in him. Good manners be get good manners. Good manners are good turns also. They are infections one good turn deserves another good turn. Good manners help us to make friends and carve place for ourselves in the society. These good turns dignify a person in the society.
They are treated as icon for the society. They act as role model for the society. Good manners consist with followings:
1. Way of speaking.
2. Way of doing
3. Way of helping others.
4. Way of a sincere part of society
5. Way of being social
6. Way of speaking truth
7. Way of maintaining dignity
8. Way of promoting others to be mannered
9. Way of spiritual by nature
10. Way of acting as human being
11. Way of humanistic approach
12. Way of polite, discipline and sincere

Some of important things are used while talking to others –

Thank you
You’re welcome
May I help you?
I beg your pardon
Always welcome
No please
Yes please
Off course, why not
I shall be grateful to you
Would you please?
I don’t mind
Please to meet you
Nice to meet you and so on

Politeness tin speaking, gentle in approach, positive in approach,
way of dealing with others, soft in speaking and many more features are there to call a person mannered. Good manners make a person healthy, happy and fit. Good mannered people play a sincere role in society. They acts as ideal for others. They are always cited for good deeds. They act as a reformer in the society. Good manners are part of school life. We should respect our teachers and should not make a mischief in the class. We should be a sincere part of discipline in the school. We should obey the rules and regulations of school and should not damage school property.
We should be helpful towards our fellow class students. The student’s life, if mannered may bring peace and happiness in life in future. So it is our duty to play sincere role at all levels of age.Good manners inculcate a society free from social evils, free from terrorism, free from inequality, free from ill treatment and untouchability and so on. This will create only humanistic approach among people of the globe
Thanks for reading the essay

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