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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
No doubt, this small device has blessed us with everything in the field of information and technology. We have been equipped with all accessories. We can communicate with anyone across the world within a second. It provides video calling also. Everything could be solved with the help of Google. It gave me an opportunity to be associated with a lot of friends. We can spread our wings and fly on the horizon of Friendship World. Some new friends associate. Google helps us to be reconnected with our old friends. We would like to thank this device which facilitates to come close with the teachers and seniors. It is really a miracle of science to associate with everyone. It is the big competition among us to make a battalion of Facebook Friends. We can’t judge them easily. Generally, they don’t furnish their Biodata in a specific column in their profiles. Initially, their faces, photographs, and regions attract much rather than their personal qualities. Friendship is always based on certain pillars. Mutual understanding, helpful nature, getting together, and maintaining secrecy are the common pillars for erecting the castle of friendship. But the pillar of mutual understanding plays the important role in the Digital Friendship arena. Facebook Friends are rarely met practically. So other pillars are invisible. We can say that Mutual understanding is the strongest pillar that is to be observed on this page. Digital Friendship is established easily by sending requests to anyone. We make them friends in a blink of an eye by accepting the request. But it is found that everybody is not active. They are eager to form a huge circle of Friends. We don’t know them properly. The different types of Digital Friends display their contributions on the Facebook platform. But they forget to communicate with their Facebook Friends seriously. We don’t write a few words to newly Friends when someone writes something. Neither do we write in the comment boxes nor even go through the letter in messenger boxes. We don’t know each other and don’t wish to know them. Really “FRIENDSHIP DOES NOT LAST ON THE THRESHOLD OF INACTION. “
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
S.P. College Road
02. 12.2021.

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