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Jun 10, 2021 · 4 min read

Feeling Towards The River Ganga

The great Ganga river flowing beside the city of Kanpur. I had not much influence to listen about some natural creation of the nature at that day .Even I had love the nature but the same I heard or read. It was my college days of first year of engineering. I was a good student and also a kind heart with positive thought person .I never try to hurt any one . I was happy with my study . I was learning a lot from my teachers and experiencing to live life without parent.It was not too much surprising for me because I had little knowlege to face all the situations. At that time I was simple ,quite so everyone behaving me well.

The day was passing and after one and half month the raining was going to start. I went to the college by hire a taxi with my friend too. My college was also situated at the bank of the river Ganga just before about six to eight km.The day came and raining started every day and we had enjoyed going college with my frnd .

One day heavily rain started and not stopped three to four hours.Due to heavy raining continuously causes the started flood in some areas . When I was on the way, I saw people built small tent on beside the road and some of them were cooking food on tent side. I saw they had all their need of the daily life like utensils, rope ,bed,dress etc . I was surprised to see and asked my frnd,” Who they are and Why they crowd on road side”. My friend replied,” I Think flood is spreading because of the river ganga.The Ganga is big and holy river.” I understood him well.Then after he again said to me,”Have you seen the river Ganga.” I replied ,”No”. They laugh on me and said that,’the Ganga river flowing very sharp and fast. It enters anywhere during flood and even inside your home.” I breath heavily and think about that people ,”How they live and manages themself?”

Just after few seconds later my one of frnd said ,” Buddha! Once you will bath with water of river ganga all of your sin will be remove”. I was calm and thought that really the Ganga river do it”. At last my heart said,” do you wish to see the river Ganga”. I replied,”Yes”. I thought in my mind that I will not go there and if river is naturally pure and me too then it will reach to me. Suddenly I reached my college and we went inside.We heard after one km forward river spread out and road blocked.

Till mid noon some rumours came out that flood reaching too fast.Why not leave the student and allow them to reach home safely.The rumours converted to truth and allow all the students to go back home. When all of other students going outside very fast ,I was moving slowly and thinking that really the river Ganga flowing towards me. No ,it not happens .In morning it was far. When I came outside I see flood covered the college from boundary side but not enter into the campus.I was searching taxi to go from here.But soon not available I have to wait some more time.When I was waiting I also seeing .How its flowing ? Where it find the path flow at the same velocity and power.It does not matter its stream was small or large or full wave of river.My frnd shouting me,” Come Buddha ,we got taxi”. I heard their voice and came out from thought. I surprise to see that river the Ganga spreaded out on college gate. I was searching the place to reach in taxi. But I did not find .Then I see the beauty of river flowing , and decided that the time came to meet with water of the river Ganga.They shouting , come, come otherwise seat will be full.My eyes glows and heart full with happiness.I said thank to the Great river ,I have seen its love .Then I put my feet inside the water and felt the purity which reached into my heart.I moved slowly step by step and reached inside my taxi. After that day whenever I see the river I feel happiness and emotions touch in my heart.When ever I reach the bank of the river Ganga ,I never take bath but put my hand inside the river water and take a little in my palm and see it calmly.

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