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Features of an ideal Student

Features of an ideal Student


Shri Anil Kumar Gupta

(M. Com., M.A. (English Literature and Economics),
M. Lib. & I. Sc., DCA, HWB (Scout)

INTRODUCTION: An ideal student is a wealth for a nation. A true student is always treated as a good citizen for a nation. The future of a country is fully depends upon the shoulders of young citizens of a country. There is a great need of a healthy mind in the young generation. This can be achieved by making the young generation disciplined and sincere in all respect. They should be making aware of their duties and responsibilities towards their country, society and the whole world.
The healthy thoughts live in a healthy mind. This is the duty of the elder one to inculcate something which may create the feelings of a human being among this young generation. Being a student one should maintain the dignity of being a student. Students are the pillar of a nation. They are the best to bring culture and traditions from one generation to the other. Students may move ahead by virtue holding the right path and discipline in their life. Students can play a vital role in making a country self reliant and globally known. Students can utilize their skill and efficiency for the betterment of a country.
Being a student, it is not easy to maintain the dignity of a student always because there are so many reasons behind it like peer pressure, impact of modernization, financial problems, lack of resources, lack of quality education, lack of moral education, shifting, lack of joint family atmosphere, lack of observation by the elders of the family, lack of counseling and guidance, impact of media and many other areas may be responsible.
To maintain the dignity of an ideal student, one may have the followings in his mind always:-
1. Be sincere
2. Be disciplined
3. Be confident
4. Be sure
5. Be helpful
6. Be cautious
7. Ethically strong
8. Inculcate moral values
9. Be ambitious
10. Have patriotic feelings
11. Be a good listener
12. Be a good orator
13. Sympathetically strong
14. Humanistic approach
15. Maintain Dignified personality
16. Good Reading habit
17. Respecting all religions equally
18. Be loyal
19. Be courteous
20. Be alert about your duties and responsibilities
21. No short cuts in life
22. Proper use of knowledge
23. Take sincere part in co-curricular activities
24. Inculcate all round development
25. Be a dutiful citizen
26. Future cautious
27. Have valued personality
28. Follower of Ideals
29. Spiritual touch
30. Faith on truth
31. Believe in efforts
32. Avoiding violence
33. Be Peaceful
34. Be Social
35. Be a Nature lover
36. Animal friendly
There is great need of students who can support to their country by creating manpower and they may act as wealth for their nation. They can help their country by taking culture and traditions from one generation to the other. They may act as responsible citizen of the country.
The major problems a country face is their misled generation, who is indulged in various social evils like smoking, drugs, underworld and cyber crime, sex indulgence, corruption, and short cut ways to earn livelihood. Students may take this opportunity to carry the best prevailed in the society. They should be aim oriented, satisfying all needs of the nation by virtue of contributing indifferent sphere. They believe in what religion teaches and what the words of the eminent personalities of the globe remark. Every nation is to encourage their young generation for their contribution by counting the effort.
Young generation is to always respect their elders and senior citizens and hope the same.


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