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Where are we going? Have you started losing your existence? Civilization is getting wired, culture is progressing on the path of decline, it is continuously moving forward, without stopping, at an uninterrupted pace, uncontested, undisturbed. The mutual respect and respect of the elder and the younger is taking their last breath, love, motherhood, respect, respect, service and hospitality, today like Bhishma Pitamah, lying on his bed has started looking helpless.

Where are we going after all?
Is this the only way to progress that we have been searching for for centuries?

Joint families are now just the subject matter of books. Elders are being compelled to enhance the beauty of old age homes today. The children have started growing up from the parent’s school, through the maid of the house, which is miles away from the concept of Aaya Panna Dhaya.

The relationship of Guru-disciple, which has given life a precious shape to the earthen lump by cultivating it, has become the strongest link today. Gurudev’s stick of knowledge is now lost where it is not known. Friendship has become an important key of self-realization today.

The ghost of Englishism has dawned on all of us, as a result of which we are losing our land, the heritage of our ancestors, our culture.

Today one, two, three has been replaced by one, two, three. A, B, C are on the verge of extinction. We have become really modern.
Our society, who once had a drink of devotional juice, is today called “DJ.” infected with an infection.

The fission of relationships is at its climax today. Socialism has been lost somewhere.
Selfishness, animosity has got its feet everywhere.
Our villages, which were once recognized by footpaths, gardens, wells-ponds, kutcha houses and their pure rites and beautiful civilization, today there is also zero habitation.

Where have we headed after all?

Have you really reached the pinnacle of sovereignty or is there much more to go?
Can we return from here to the same backwardness where there was joint family, mutual brotherhood and social hospitality, where there was grandmother’s stories, mother’s lullaby, grandfather’s affectionate reprimand.

Can this be so, or have we come a long way from where there is no way to return?

️ Pt. Sanjeev Shukla ‘Sachin’

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