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Whenever you are free in time,
Go to see the zoo,
Enjoy the day with your family,
Have fun and see different animals,
You will see roaring the forest king Lion ,
Elephant ,Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus some big animals see there,
Giraffe a long neck animals and Camel a desert’s animal,
Running Deer and in the cage big Bear,
Chimpanzi will show activity and make everyone laugh,
Monkeys of small and big size jumping high,
Crocodile looks lazy inside the water,
Zoo have different species creatures and birds,
Kids will excites to see the colourful birds,
White Peacock,Parrots ,Herons,Crane ,Pegions,Ducks ,Patridges and many more,
Ostriche a huge bird attracts everyone,
In the dark room see the Owl,
Aquarium home very beautiful to see fishes ,
Colourful fishes of different sizes see in the aquarium,
When get tired ,
Sit on the zoo garden,
See the children enjoying swings,
Click some moments with birds and animals inside the picture,
Return to home before the zoo closed .

Written by-
Buddha Prakash,

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