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wildlife and us

wildlife and us

Nature is incomplete without these three elements, water, forest and land. The richest countries in the world have been those where these three elements are in abundance. Our country is famous for forests and wildlife.

Very strange and fascinating wildlife are found all over the world. Different and strange species of wildlife are found in our country too. Getting knowledge about all these wildlife is not only necessary from the point of view of curiosity, but it is also quite entertaining.

How was the creation of the universe on the earth, how did the universe develop and what is the place of man in that creation? Why did many giant creatures of the ancient era disappeared and from that point of view is there any possibility of extinction of many present-day wildlife?

Nature is incomplete without these elements, animals, forests, water and land.
Since the creation of the universe on the earth, there has been a mutual relationship between human society and wildlife, if these wild animals had not lived on the earth, then its direct effect would have been seen on the environment and on the economic development of man.

Wildlife is the beauty of our environment. Forests are deserted and incomplete without wild animals, in the same way wild animals are homeless without forests. Animals and birds not only give us panoramic and captivating views, but also play an important role in maintaining beauty in the environment.

In recent decades, humans have over-exploited natural resources for their needs, as a result of which large forests are on the verge of extinction. At the same time, the hunting of animals and animals has also increased, due to which the crisis of their extinction has arisen. While on the one hand the forests are getting destroyed, on the other hand pollution is also increasing continuously, which is causing negative changes in nature, and catastrophic consequences like global warming are being seen.

✍️pt. Sanjeev shukla ‘sachin’

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