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“Whenever I miss you”

whenever I miss you,

Like moonlight scatters.

My eyes get wet with


Like the dew drops

coming down.

Whenever I’m lonely,

Your picture emerges

in front of me.

When it comes to spring

in my tales,

A sweet smile like a

flower color fill the sky.

You walk somewhere far away,

Comes in my thoughts.

In my deserted wildness

Falling apart as love.

You are on a feather

shimmer like dew,

As my night wish you

twinkle in the stars.

All my happiness in this

life is from you,

Then why do you keep talking

about going away from me?

Self composed–

Alok Pandey Garoth wale

24th Aug 2021

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मेरा नाम - आलोक राधेश्याम जी पांडेय, शिक्षा- स्नातक (हिंदी), स्नाकोत्तर (हिंदी), ठिकाना- गरोठ, मंदसौर, म.प्र. प्रकाशित रचनायें- भ्रम, आपदा में अवसर और कर्ण वचन (अमर उजाला काव्य), लेखक, स्वतन्त्र…

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