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Wellness is the experience of feeling good and healthy. It is the essence of physical and mental wellbeing.

Wellness is represented by activity level in an individual and proper function of body clock which gives him enthusiasm for action and to enjoy the task entrusted and motivates for accomplishment with greater efficiency within the stipulated time.

Wellness is not only confined to physical aspect only; it also represents clarity of thoughts , comprehension skills , and reasoning abilities in an individual which give boost to his communication abilities and representative of his refined attitude towards others.

Physical wellness is achieved through a system of tuning the biological (body) clock and synchronizing it with mechanical clock.

It is achieved through allocation of time for daily activities and chores and performing the activities within allocated time slot. Although it may appear difficult in beginning ; but with consistent practice it can be made possible. Once each and every activity is time defined ; time management becomes a easy task with enhancement in physical efficiency and well being is experienced.

Mental wellness is the thought process in which new constructive ideas emerge and tested with reasoning power pondering deep into the subject for deriving innovative inferences and making prudent decisions.

Mental wellness does not have any room for contaminated thoughts, ill will, conspiracy and destructive plans, personal prejudices , biased approach, and superstitions . Mental wellness is represented by creativity which is expressed by an individual through his creations.

In fact physical and mental wellness are complimentary to each other. An individual may not feel good mentally without physical goodness. Similarly physical feel good is not achieved if an individual is not in a state mind to experience it.

Therefore wellness is the prime concern for human being for making his life enjoyable and meaningful for self and others around him.

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