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Wedding farewell song

Taking some memories of childhood,
you get a new glow every moment
The love you got in paternal house
you get more love than that at your in law s house
Keep us in memories like
a coin filled in a piggy bank
In childhood, I have played with you
sometimes as an elephant, or a horse
Never prick or sorrow’s thorns,
May you get a new spring like velvet
This prayer came out of my heart,
may you get the prince of your dreams
Every moment there is laughter on the face, flowers of happiness bloom on the face
May your eternal good fortune be yours,
may your sweetheart be with you forever.
Don’t forget these childhood streets
where you played away and grew up
Keep my sweet moments of memories
Always in your eyelids
You should not get trouble even for a moment, you may get cold winds of happiness
I have forgotten my happiness and sorrow,
I just remember only your laughter

– Jagmohan Saxena

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