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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”

Our Facebook is like a garden of different colors of flowers The fragrance of flowers makes the atmosphere fragrant and we think ourselves fortunate to have them. Really we got different types of personalities on Facebook. We are associated with Seniors, Contemporary and lovely young. It is our good luck that we are connected with old friends and acquaintances. We are much obliged to the modern device which gave us the opportunity to be connected with the old teachers and seniors otherwise we would have missed them.

The Facebook has writers ,thinkers ,philosophers ,doctors ,teachers,poets,dramatists ,actors ,artists,singers ,photographers,politicians etc . We enjoy their fragrance if they spread them. Some of them are registering their presence on Facebook to show their attendance.

A large number of Facebook friends are interested to see the other’s posts only and like the post and someone writes the small comments in Timelines. Facebook is a tremendous platform where we could project our performance and get feedback.

We were confined within the perimeter of primitive means where nobody knew the fragrance of flowers. But the time is changed now. Everybody can look at the beauty of flowers and have the fragrance of all flowers.

So we accept all with warmly and smilingly. We need to be associated with the audiences also who could criticize or appreciate our performances. Really everybody has got importance in the Facebook. “WE ARE THE SAME… DESPITE BEING DIFFERENT “.

Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal ”


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