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Walking is a good habit to keep the body fit and active. There has been much told about its benefits in keeping healthy body and enhancing the immune system.
Here, we are going to discuss the best ways of walking to derive maximum benefit from it.
We make resolutions of walking daily but we are not able to stick to the commitment due to various reasons which may or may not be in our control.
The first and foremost thing to remember that we are responsible for our own system and can never pass the excuses on others due to our failure to stick to our resolutions.
Therefore prepare ourselves for firm commitment of regularising the habit of daily walking.
Now, how to start our programme ?
It should be remembered that results are never achieved quickly overnight , but a consistent effort is required to attain the desired goal.
The slow and steady progressive attitude is required to accomplish the target.
Too much taxing the body will have negative results of developing fatigue and wearing of body tendons and muscles instead of positive development.
Therefore, start walking with counting of steps, which you may be able to undertake without getting tired at the end of session.
Set a target of walking number of steps on daily basis.
Increase the steps in a steady manner depending on accustomisation of muscles and tendons to the exertion, so that your endurance level is enhanced to the extent of maximum sustainability. Set a goal of maximum level of achievement spread over a period of time.
There are certain tips of walking, which we will be discussing:
1. Positioning
The positioning of the feet on the ground is very important for walking properly, so that less effort is exerted to the tendons and leg muscles.
It is always better to walk with pressure on the toes instead of heels.
Positioning of the heel often touching the surface of the ground will make you tired soon.
Because weight of the body is vertically transmitted against the gravity to the leg muscles and tendons, which becomes diagonally inclined while walking with pressure on the toes with a spring motion and walking becomes effortless.
Here, I wish to mention that the individuals with flat feet genetically , find it difficult to walk exerting pressure on toes in the beginning,
but with regular practice they will be able to pick up this style of walking effortlessly , and would start enjoying it.
2. Posture
Posture is the alignment of the the body while walking, so that not much pressure is exerted on lumber joints and vertebral column.
This is very important factor which is required to be adjusted while walking on surfaces which are undulated and rough, and monitoring of the posture is required to be done while walking , inorder to derive maximum benefit without any unforeseen internal injury to bones and muscles.
Keeping the body straight with head held high without drooping in proper alignment with vertebrae is very important to prevent injury to vertebral column and lumbar joints.
3. Pace
This is very important factor of calculated walking. We should never compete with others in keeping pace with them.
Because walking should never be undertaken in competitive spirits.
It is a regular function to each individual with different physical abilities to perform, greatly dependent on the genetic makeup and rigorous training of each individual spread over a period of time of attainment of perfection.
A regular increase of pace under a time bound plan and programme is important to achieve the desired target of walking time.
Walking is a regular function which should be enjoyable each day without any fatigue due to over exertion, providing the positive results in keeping body healthy and fit, both mentally and physically, and should rejuvenate the system.

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