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Unspoken conversation of a teenager and mother

Mom I gotta feeling
You are becoming a little mental …
Always on my any news
U become so judgemental
Just spoil my mood break my heart
And start your usual crap of being emotional …
How much I hate it but whatever be my intention
I always come back ,
call you and listen
To your advice parental.
Tell you what dear mom
Don’t always be so
Let me live my life and
Keep on being experimental .

My dear one…
I know I m becoming a nut
I should keep my mind quiet
And my mouth shut
I should be sure of you and your guts
U r becoming a confident young lady
Who believes in no ifs and no buts…
I always do appreciate you
Whether its eating doughnuts
Or your coloured hair like chestnut
But do believe dear I will be the only one
Who will be frank and true
With no short cuts…
And sometimes may point out
Few stupid frank views of mine
Just listen to them without any grunt
They will be just some healthy peanuts
Coz as you know I m turning into a nut !!!

Self written by Meenu Lodha

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I am a post graduate in English literature . Had Sanskrit ,psychology and English as my subjects for graduation.Love to write poetries in both Hindi and English

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