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Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
Four years back about 40000 Rohingya Muslims came to India. When the world had no pain about Rohingyas who faced the gravest atrocities there. The Military Junta of Myanmar started to rape the girls and women, set their houses on fire, fire at them, and chop them into pieces. India has been always a patron of ‘UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD’.We are being taught ” अतिथि देवो भवः” and ” वसुधेव कुटम्बकम “! It was a matter of pride when several lakhs of Bangladeshi refugees came to India in 1971. We gave them shelters, food, clothes. medical treatments and education.I was fortunate also to be the active team leader of PANCHANPUR REFUGEE CAMP, GAYA BIHAR in 1971. ……But Modi Government took a U-Turn like America and Germany regarding the refugee problem since he had been to Myanmar. India wants to send back all Rohingyas but there is no homeland for them. The whole world is criticizing the inhuman gesture of Myanmar. About 1.25 Lakh Rohingyias reached Bangla Desh Because they are being killed, raped, and burnt their cottages in Myanmar. And Bangla Desh is not ready at all to bear the burden of refugees.
India also doesn’t want to keep them. When there is no place for Rohingyas in the world than where the BJP Govt will send them back from India ?…… It is quite clear that Modiji is playing the political game with local religious groups of India as well as with Myanmar’s Govt. We want to gain sympathy from Myanmar’s Govt. But we are forgetting that China has been investing a lot in Asian countries. China had become Myanmar’s biggest trading partner. Myanmar also joined with China in several projects. Myanmar became an active supporter of China to build ‘SILK ROUT ‘. India can’t invest like China so India is trying to impress Myanmar to support her action against Rohingya. India’s ‘Praying Hands ‘won’t work in foreign relations. It requires to be a ‘Helping Hands ‘.
Dr. Lakshman Jha”Parimal ”
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