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Two Banks of The River

In the evening of life, the stream of the river for each other
Were. When one counts the breath of life in the bed, the other provides support, gives hope of life. Both knew
that the end of life is certain, yet the desire for life in both
Is. Even if it happens, from the beginning of life for both
were a friend, classmate and spouse and many more.
In childhood play with others, play blindly, hand in hand
Carrying running etc. sports have brought a lot of joy in life.
They used to spend time together like sun and shade. Mother asked him Where did you go screaming! ? So Ramu used to answer screaming.
Mother! Then after a gap the mother came and saw that Ramu and his Girl’s companion , Situ sitting on a big branch of mango .
They are talking about eating, they are seen whispering.
During school days, both would have been running away after loading the bags. When Situ got tired of running, Ramu took her bag. Holding his hand, he was running with him. For that life partner, the husband . or everything. Once Situ cried
Where do you take to school by holding your hand?
Holding the hands Ramu’ s chest, kissing on his forehead
Let got emotional. Just one look on Ramu’s serious face
There was acceptance. Why would Ramu not love?
It was felt He began to consider her as his half-wife.
She started making homes in them.
So the wall of the caste was in the middle, the society did not accept his relationship but where there is a will there is a way . It occurs. Both ran away and got married and left the house.
There were ups and downs but both of them held each other’s hand tightly. Ramu used to stay at the owner’s house for the whole day, while he used to make accounts and calculate, then Situ used to do all the household work, in the evening at the square of the house.
Sitting used to wait for Ramu’s arrival, how much affection he had .
Today when Ramu was helpless in bed, Situ is remembering his
Sitting nearby is giving him the support of her lap and
Ramu lies a tucked away as if counting the stars in the sky. body was not in good condition and was breathing out, seeing nothing . There will be no remainder of being good It seemed to Situ.
There was no support to live life, only Ramu. so situ was thinking that Ram would get well, he was doing everything possible, with quack
Take it to the doctor’s house, knock your head in temples, mosques or church.
He had come to know, how cruel the world is too. one on the other .He gets annoyed, but Situ’s loyalty to husband devotion and wife religion
had overcome this cruelty.
Situ and Ramu are one souland two bodies and two banks of the river .
As if God kept love alive in the form of these two .

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