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Near the shore, I stopped to lay
After travelling miles, for a short stay
I then took a notebook and a pen
And began to travel in a book once again.

This journey was more revealing, I must say
I bore many hardships to come so far this way
But to write travelling in book was an art
Brought tears in eyes and a new flutter in heart.

I travelled without fear in the book
The scenery was worth the risk I took
I can claim in book; am brave and strong
In reality I was afraid; only headstrong.

Nature now invites me to travel her distances long
My restless spirit cannot stay at a place for long
My body resists, but new adventures entice me
In my passions the world will read me.

Yes, I am ready to take a new plunge
Soak the fresh air in lungs, as a sponge
My travelogue is now well written
But my journey has only just begun.

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