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Today’s world

There are many people in today’s world who want to get quick profits and quick results out of greed. Their actions harm the environment of the world. Not only the external environment, they also subtly pollute negative emotions within and around them. These negative feelings cause violence and misery in the expanding world.

Most of the wars and conflicts start from these feelings. As a result of which the environment is harmed, and it takes a lot of time to recover it. We need to pay attention to the mentality of man. This mindset is the root of pollution – gross and emotional. If compassion and care are awakened within us, they form the basis of a deeper connection in which we care for the environment and people. Nature has its own ways of maintaining balance. If you look at nature carefully, you will find that the five elements which are its basis, their basic nature is opposite to each other. Water destroys fire. Fire destroys air…. And there are many species in nature – birds, reptiles, mammals…. Different species are hostile to each other, yet nature maintains a balance. We need to learn from nature how to maintain the balance of opposing forces within ourselves, in our surroundings and in the world.

The most important thing is that our mind is free from tension and we can experience the world with this open mind. With such a state of mind, we will be able to devise ways to protect this beautiful earth. Through spirituality, we experience our true nature and feel a connection with ourselves and our surroundings. The negative feelings disappear when you get acquainted with your true nature.

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