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Today’s Life

Convoluted is the word which comes to mind when i ponder about today’s life. Life was uncomplicated and undemanding before smartphones highjacked our lives. But do you know what is more upsetting? It is the ability of jumping into a conclusion without any sort of research. Not even the monkeys can jump faster then such magnificent artificial souls. People commenting on anything and everything. Even if something is not someone’s business , someone would poke his nose into that and the reason behind this awful idiocity is the stupid desire to prove that he knows a lot of serious stuffs .
People spread hatred about others religion without reading his own holy scriptures is another pity. God has certainly became outdated. Atheism is a new fashion. If you follow a religion then you are nuts. But yeah, Karma sounds cool.
Wearing lesser clothes have became the symbol of smartness and covering the body, a sign of illiteracy and backwardness. I agree all animals are smart then. People are less happier now. Appreciating others has became an extinct art to master. We used to wait long for letters to reach their destinations; whatsapp blue ticks , Insta and FB likes have became the scales of your relation’s longevity. A missing complain can certainly be filed in the nearest Police Station to find our forgotten or may I say abandoned friends- Understanding, Simplicity, Brotherhood Patience and Humanity.

Johnny Ahmed ‘क़ैस’

When it becomes difficult to express the emotions I write them out. I am a Physical Education Teacher who loves writing poems.

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