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Oh…. Think it!

Seeing the man crashed on the road, the crowd was making different kinds of things:—

“Hey Ram! How badly the truck has crushed it, hardly not surviving. ”

“Put the trucks on fire … the brothers walk blindly.”

“Oh! too blood has been shed on the road.”

“Hey, please take some hospital, the poor one may be saved.”

“Hey brother, you are a taxi driver.”

“Then …”

“Then can you sit in your taxi and take him to the Hospital?”

“Will your father give the money for washing the seats that are spoiled by its blood?”

“Oye foolish … Speak to the Tameez or else I will make Rampuri knife in put your stomach.”

“Hey brother, why are you fighting? I have already called to ambulance and the policemen.”

“Come on, don’t rush here everyone, such accidents continue to happen.”

Similarly, the crowd kept moving and sorting. Everyone kept on watching the spectacle of the crashed person. No one thought that a similar incident could happen to any of them at some point or turn, and then there will be present, the same thinking! Things like this never ending!


(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Soch”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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