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The year starts with good wishes

This year started with good wishes.
It will be thrived with congratulations messages.

Good thoughts and good thoughts will keep strolling
In the mind of man.
Talking about equality, people will meet in public.
To run away from sorrow, I stay awake all year long
Will keep running.

Goal will celebrate the year and effort
Will continue to be committed.
God will be seen smiling as he showers blessings.
Signs show good and bad ways
To live festivals like Holi, Diwali; Eid, Muharram
Society will wish to be more social.
The king will impose the tax of law and order on these joys.
The people will protest with fear.
The man will share the same congratulations again
Half smile with half cry.

For the sweets
I will crave for childhood days.
Naked in dust on road track I’ll witness
Distributing wishes like a blind man.
Among them.

My days will always be frustrated, disappointed for me.
Good luck won’t guarantee success.

The pain of your failures will be embedded in congratulations.
All good thoughts will be defeated by the logic of our poverty.

There will be a ‘debate’ like socialism or communism.
People will dominate every ideology.
Ideology will not be able to make its own claim.

Daughters will remain in their homes due to sexual worries.
Birthday wishes becoming big will push her
In great fears.

Sons will spend a day without congratulation & wandering.
He is also born to earn, but the opportunity is shattered.
The path will keep on searching its way like youth.


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