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The village

The village has been frightened is known.
Absorbing the suffocation and fear alone.

The village is like a chess board.
Who will play whom is hidden in sword.

The village is alive with all lies of life in the cities.
The village is without its old, good, great culture.

The village is bound in the civilization of by lanes.
Perhaps now the village is alive in its glorious memory.

The human mind in the village behaves as city’s.
Have a lean & thin body of the village’s greatness.

The life that be in the village today.
Is angry and very angry.

Nurturing many struggles in its womb.
Becoming the volcano of many protests.

Eager to find its role in the struggle of power.
But, lies in caste supremacy, becomes destroyer itself.

Yesterday, people ran away fearing of inconvenience.
There are promises of facilities, people are not willing to return.

People are divided into class, the village is denying.
More in castes, less in the category, rich and poor.

The village is gathered under the flag of caste on controversy.
The village has never fought for wealth and adversity in theme.

The recognition of exploitation is still intact in the village.
Now even politics has come & abides firmly.

Education has just become a literacy campaign.
The teacher is not beyond its personal pride.

The village is a scary world in its existence.
The developments, questioned in the village.
For who is the beneficiary!


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