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The Uncountable Stars

The stars are bright,
In the dark night,
Spreads across the sky,
Shining their light,
Sparkles in the eyes,
Are filled with innumerable numbers,
Pleasure to see in the dark night,
Wonderful stars visible in the sky,
Far away and unlimited situated in the galaxy ,
Forms some structure in a group collection,
Stars forms a patterns or constellation.
Seven stars called ‘the Saptrishi’ ,
Or ‘the great Hunter ‘ constellation,
Amazing beautiful uncountable creation,
Billions of stars in the Universe and Galaxies,
Ohhh! surprise to see,
The pole star really looks bright.
All are stars shines for the world ,
See and smile the uncountable stars in the sky.

Written by….
***Buddha Prakash
***Maudaha Hamirpur.

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