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The Teacher

“How do you stay so calm, patient and serious in every situation?” He said with surprise.

“I have understood the secret of life, son,” said the old man half his age to the curious young man, “Do I have the right to call you son.”

“Yes, yes, why not, you are of my father’s age,” young man said with smiling on face, “Give me some knowledge.”

“What is childhood?” The old man just asked.

“Childhood is a time for silly games, ignorant questions and laughter,” young man said with a sigh.

“No son, childhood is the golden period of life, a time for curiosity questions, selfless laughter,” the old man replied seriously. Then again asked a new question, “And youth?”

“Enjoyment, sex and luxury is another name Jawani,” said young man in the same tone.

“Youth age is the name of fulfilling the obligations with utmost seriousness, overcoming every difficulty with enthusiasm and vigor, cherishing new dreams and giving a new vision to the whole world,” the old man said with the same patience.

“But old age is the name of the weary wait for death,” young said with aplomb. Perhaps he wanted to know the views of the old man even on old age, “Where neither there is a communication of energy, nor the need to dream.” Another name for sickness and suffering is Jeevan Sandhya. Why do you think? ” It is as if he has done sarcasm on old man.

“Son, you’re wrong again. Have a positive attitude towards life. ” The old man put his point of view, “Old age is the stage of realizing the dreams which you could not fulfill in childhood and youth. This is the age to share our experiences to children and young people. Remamber that death can come at any moment and in any stage, than how waiting for it? ”

“If you become my mentor, then it is possible that I will get new guidance,” young man fell down at the feet of the old teacher.


(“Shikshak” Hindi Short Story of Mahavir Uttranchali
English Translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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