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Sympathy…. !

“There was a tremendous bump….. and everything was over.” Police constable Sitaram said to his mobile to police inspector Purushottam in the exact same manner accident information. As Sitaram heard from the eyewitness, “Sir, the driver did not get a chance to scream…. an eyewitness told me all this, his blood….”

“Stupid,no need to go into too much detail! You don’t know I’m a heart patient….” Inspector Purushottam said intermittently.

“Sorry sir!” Sitaram said while stabilizing himself.

“Tell me, how did the accident happen?” Purushottam tone was somewhat serious.

“Sir, this incident happened when a car collided with a truck coming from the front.”

“What happened to the truck driver? Make few money….!”

“There is no question of money sir” Purushottam said.


“He escaped by chance, I reached the accident site later.”

“You have to be suspended for two-four days.”

“Why sir?”

“You never reach an opportunity?”

“Sorry sir!”

“Why sorry saying, idiot!” Don’t you know that accidents are a benefit for us? In today’s era, it is difficult to time pass without an upper earning. The more crimes… that means much income…!” Purushottam elaborately explained to Sitaram, “Still nothing is spoiled… Check the truck and the car thoroughly, maybe some valuables things in your hand.” Give me the number of the truck-car.… I’ll try to know the truck owner, then some possiblity of money benefit…,” talking about money his face glowed.

“Sir only darkness everywhere…. the place where the accident happened. The number does not appear correctly. Sir… just a minute, I’ll try to read the car number under the light of mobile.” And as soon as Sitaram read the full number of the car and told Purushottam… he screamed badly, “No, it can’t be… this car belongs to my son…. Amit…. Oh God!” and for the first time, human sensations arose on the phone. Till now, the police inspector was only looking at the loss and benefit in the accident. For the first time, the father of his heart was alive.

“Sir Please handle yourself, you …” The stupid Sitaram could only say that….. the phone was disconnected.


(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Samvedna” English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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