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The Shadow!

In the darkness of the night, a hand which moved forward for the purpose of knocking the door. He stopped as soon as he heard the inner conversation.

“Thank God Kallu’s mother, government has considered all the people missing as death in the riots. Our Kallu is also one of them. So the government has decided to give us ten lakh rupees as well. ”

“No … don’t say this! My son is not lifeless, he is alive, because his corpse has not been found! God bless him wherever he is, safe and alive. We do not want government support and help.”

“Shut up, there are insects in your mouth! Always speaks inauspicious! Have you ever thought—how will your life be survival? How will the two daughters get married? Oh! mad woman, pray to God, Kallu is dead now, wherever he is! It’s not to easy earn ten lakh to hard work! Never to possible for Kallu as labour!”

“Oh God! How ruthless father are you? For the sake of a small amount of money, you are praying for the death of your young son. Oh!”

“You cry and die here, I’ll go to outside. At least your the wretched tongue will not be heard. ” The door opened as soon as it was said Outside it was just the dark darkness of the moon. In which he did not know where the shadow was lost, which stood for the purpose of knocking the door outside.


(Hindi short story of Mahavir Uttranchali “Saayaa”
English translation by Abhishek Bhandari)

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