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The shade of ‘Bodhi Tree’

A family came to see the sacred place of Gautam Buddha where the Gautam Buddha got enlightment under the peepal tree.It is known as ‘Bodhi Tree’.The Bodhi tree is situated at Bodhgaya in Gaya district in Bihar state.

After seeing the Bodhi temple they desired to see the Bodhi tree.A man with his wife and their children and with a Buddhist monk,they move towards the Bodhi Tree.

Children were moving two or three steps forward from their parents and Buddhist monk.Their parent were talking to the monks and walking slowly.The couple having three children about five to eight years old.They were seeing here and there moving .

As they reached the shade of Bodhi Tree ,suddenly a leaf of Bodhi tree fallen down in front of a child. He stopped there and see the leaf fallen near his foot.This view was observed by that monk .The monk came near the child and bent down.He lifted that fallen leaf and ask ,”What is your name,child”.Soon he replied,’Annirudh’.And he asked.”Its Bodhi tree”. Monk said ,”Yes”.When he asked the question his parent shown him big eyes.Child became silent. Then after his parent said to the monk,” Bhikku,my son Aniruddh shown not much interest in study.Always takes interest in unnecessary activity.Give him some bless.”The child became afraid to listen his parents and put his head down.Monk smiled and little bent down .He put forwad his hand having leaf of Bodhi tree .He said,”Take it child,its your .Same the mind is your and you have to learn and get knowledge .” My child when your heart says to play ,you should play and when your mind says to study ,you should study well.Aniruddh replied (smile on face),”Yes”.He put that leaf into his pocket.They started to do conversation and children had enjoyed the tour.

#Written by-Buddha Prakash;

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