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The idol of love, woman

creation woman

God’s desire behind the web of attraction and repulsion that God has created in the world is to make life simple and easy to live. It would become cumbersome and the yearning to live life for sixty-seven years would have reduced to zero.

Whatever be the relationship, the sweetness in life makes it harmonious and worth living Didn’t want to walk. In this sequence, the creator created the world and the most beautiful creation in this world is that “woman”.
The idol of love, duty, nirjharini, gentle, simplicity, in which there is a urge to do something while fulfilling the honor and dignity. Woman has many forms like daughter, sister, mother, aunt, aunt etc. Woman is also bound in bondage, she is also independent, a woman who walks shoulder to shoulder with a man is waving her flag in every field.
Sometimes as a woman who increases the joy of parents in the form of milk, then in the form of sister-in-law, she gives self-assurance to the brother, and somewhere she is going to take equal front in the struggle of life by becoming the wife of her husband. But it also turns black.
But the intensity with which the graph of crimes against women has increased in the society shows the evil attitude of the male society towards women. A man born of a woman probably considers his bravery in torturing a woman. Perhaps some day’s newspaper will be untouched by the threat of female rape, dowry, death of a woman. How cleanly the criminal escapes after committing a misdeed is commendable.

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