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The culture of bribery

India, which is called the golden bird, was plundered by invaders from time to time. Our compulsion that we keep robbing ourselves. From Mahmud of Ghaznavi till the destruction of the Mughal Sultanate, India’s immense wealth, heritage and culture continued to be plundered.

This land of scholars like Ramakrishna, Vishwamitra, Vashishtha, Apala Gargi etc. If one looks at the present, then nothing is seen except the ‘dark city’. Indulging in selfish lust, we do not make any mistake in killing someone’s honor and respect, except for honor and respect, we also kill human beings.
We are like that blind Dhritarashtra and you are like that Duryodhana who is the destroyer of the entire clan, eager to fulfill our ambitions.

A system based on corruption, inertia of power, injustice which is of no value. This has been the specialty of every age. How can the people be happy in a state where there is no distinction between discretion and indiscretion? Because corruption is deeply embedded in the soul of the system and big thieves roam freely.

The “culture of bribery” is alive with full influence in government and non-government departments, which is a reformed form of scams, anywhere in any department, even the smallest, the biggest work is not done without bribe. Whoever comes to power, sucks the blood of all the people, the public waits that some savior will come and the system which has been running since ages will improve. Whose deeds will hang the blind king of misrule.

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