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The clouds

The clouds:

Oft as a child
When I was learning to recite words
I wished, I were a cloud
Which floated high over hills and vales
In the skies where sunshine abounds
Over the lands through which the rivers flow
And many natural flowers grow.
As I grew and the youth approached
Bringing in many hues of courage
And the valiant speeds
I still wished I were a cloud
Which in skies often engage in numerous sports
Producing loud thunders and swift winds
Playing thus all adventurous sports.
Ages have passed and the dream
Still resides hidden deep within
As my thoughts have acquired pensive moods
My childhood dream often resurfaces
My wish remains the same
That I was a cloud
Which after passing through hills and vales
And all the life’s passing stages
Travels further to the lands parched
And brought the rains, that very instant.
Nature on surface has a beauty of her own
Which has a capability to enthrall
Within her she hides a meaning and purpose
Which can inspire us all.

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