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The album of freedom (1)

They were slaves asking for freedom.
The master had been hanging them.

Their fellow countryman suffering from misery.
Were they saddened by the grief of the brothers & sisters.
They were not driven by Alexander’s ‘extension’
Extremely at all.

They had to shake the injustice.
Every atrocity was to be bent.

They had to make a changed governing system.
They had to bring Swarajya.

But, their method of rebellion was old.
The one it had been suppressed for ages.

Their stubbornness will break the chains tied to motherland.
And the British, will leave the governance and rule.

It’s Spark now, become flame tomorrow,
Will hoist our flag in free-sky.

Armed revolution across India.
Every misconception will be erased from every house.
This thought was of the sons of the country.
And eagerness for every patriot.

Protest against atrocities everywhere.
Used to burst like balloons.

The opposition was but unorganized.
That’s why anger used to be dissolved.

Revolution was spread in every corner.
It was clean but, it was peasant.

A great revolution was needed.
Widespread unrest was needed.

Somewhere there was no one who was a guardian.
Every warrior in himself was as if the master.

The war of freedom was independent for everyone.
And it was scattered everywhere.

Himself, used to pat his back.
Used to sing some slogans of freedom.

No battle is fought like this.
What without organization? May ‘Ram’ fight!

Such fights have been having a bad fate.
‘Blood’ became empty from the leadership.

The destiny of the ruler was just exploitation.
Exploitation was also extreme ‘Duryodhan’.

The public does not know freedom.
Is it a kind of bird,or what? That was freedom.

The spirit of freedom was like that.
Freedom was a strange word.

Why do they need freedom.
How will we get freedom.

Had to explain their intuition.
Understanding had to provoke.

But, the revolutionary had different thinking.
We are awake, the whole world will wake up.

But, education comes only by giving.
No rock ever shakes itself.

Their mind was to wake them up.
The curtain that was lying, was sliding.

Nothing happened, only sacrifice happened.
Some revolutionary’s life was donated.

Tired of freedom-battle.
This effort was defamed without any reason.


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