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Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
We have been blessed with the sophisticated devices which have changed our daily life. We are much connected with them. Some are still confined with the primitive methods of communications i.e letter writing, telephonic talk, etc. But they have their inner desire to cultivate the new technology of Information. Initially, it seems to be hard to know for old people. As far as the question is concerned about the young generation, they are masters of them. They handle these small devices like toys. We must follow them. The time has come to learn from the young generation. The process of learning is never ended. No doubt the primitive devices became the chapter of history. The Telegraphic message…Letter writing. Letterboxes .. Typewriter and Postman are the subjects of classrooms. These can be taught in the classes. ……We march ahead with everyone. Scaring with these modern devices we can’t achieve our goal. Some hesitate to learn but they have a desire to handle them. It is the miracle of science that we became the fastest with these devices. We never thought to be connected with old friends and acquaintances. But we became global. Within no time we can send messages….we talk face to face in sky p and use our what app…..video calling, etc. Now, who doesn’t avail of these opportunities ?..
Now We must be very careful about languages. It is found nowadays that some people don’t care about sentences and grammar. Everything is in your hand when you have this sophisticated device with you. Well! you could solve this by requesting to “Google” but the process of learning is never ended. We should consider ourselves a student throughout the whole life. The practice of reading, writing, and cultivating knowledge should be our part of life. The writing on the timeline is very important but be conscious to write correctly because it will go to the public. Depiction in the shortcut or in abbreviation form is accepted but “abbreviated text like ‘u’ can’t be substitute you, ‘d’ is not ‘the’ and ‘n’ is not ‘and “This is the wrong projection of literature and the wrong sentences reflect the poor personality whether these are in Hindi, English or in many languages.
We make a battalion of friends. There is various personality in our Facebook. Once they are called friends but we must give them proper regards. It is time to review the actual definition of Friendship. Some say that the “Facebook friends are digital friends’ …..It could be emphasized when we can’t digest other’s contributions ……….. We write……, compose……, extend our opinions.
So it is not at all appropriate to keep on tagging their posts. It is true that friendship has no out-of-bound area but tagging the personal post to other timelines and adding them to a certain group may irritate anyone. So people do unfriend and block them out. Everybody has got his own timeline, he should post his creativity on his own timeline only.
These points are very important for an expert, and a learner. We could be a perfect Digital Friend of Facebook if we could follow these opinions.
Dr. Lakshman Jha ” Parimal ”
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road


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