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There are mishaps which occur despite preplanned efforts and precautions contemplating the odds to be faced , and there are happenings in which smooth sail is there without any effort devoid of planning in an unorganised condition.
Therefore what is destined happens ; and you never have control over it. Which gives a reason to think whether a supernatural power is there which control our actions ,emotions, and outcome of our efforts?
There is a reason to think that your efforts alone cannot make you successful in accomplishing a goal.
But the people who come in the way and influence in setting your path directly or indirectly in both positive or negative direction will also be instrumental in your achievements.
Such kind of individuals may be categorised into two; those having positive vibes/aura and those having negative vibes/aura.
The negativity of later which does not match with your vibe/aura put hurdles/impediments in your progression , whereas , the positivity of the former gives boost to your mural of making efforts in positive direction and smoothens your way.
In this context it is worth mentioning that if your personal vibes are positive and your aura is strong then only it can influence other person’s aura to match with yours in a desirable manner.
Otherwise, with weak aura you will not be able to influence other person’s aura ; and in turn would be affected by his aura which being stronger than you may lead you in negative direction.
Inorder to strengthen your aura you need a positive build up , ie: positive thinking and approach, appropriate reasoning power free from emotional bondage and superstitions,
a good moral character with consistency;
free from negative vibes and vices.
A good communication ability with clarity of thoughts and expression, ability to convert impediments into opportunities ; with clarity of judgement of flaws making unfavorable situations into favourable ones with sustained efforts in right direction keeping options of best alternatives in the prevailing conditions; would determine extent of success to a greater degree.

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