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As teachers help and guide the children at school, so as their parents can also do the same at home. Parents may foster good habits among their children either in studies or other co-curricular activities right from the beginning of their early nursery age. As children learn a lot during school activities, so as they may learn so many things from their parents.
Parents may create better reading environment at home for smooth and sincere learning scenario. This will make your children feel comfortable. This will create a habit of self- reliance in your children. This will also provide your children an environment conductive and suitable for learning and studying.
The guidelines may help your children to make future brighter. Things are possible; the only thing is to prepare yourself by virtue of observing your inner capabilities and the capabilities you are looking to improve. There are certain efforts required to remove the dust and to create something better which may enrich in you and your better future prospects.
Some guidelines and tips are as follow for you and your parents to help children reach their potential:-
J Have a routine time table for study and other tasks:- One must have some time allotted for learning every day. This should be done right from the beginning of children’s primary education. This way your child will get into this habit and your child will get extra time to hold other tasks at home. Regular study always beneficial to the children who are sincere about their time table and this will enable them to hold pending work within the schedule period. It’s a good habit to have regular study time.
J Be sure that there are fewer distractions:- Make sure that your study schedule would be comfortable and know the areas where your ward is finding some distractions. Distractions should not be too many. Please ensure that TV is switched off during study hours and children should not be allowed to have ear phones during study hours.
If you are having more than 2 children, please ask them to have combine study in one room. If someone not studying, may be asked to have some quiet time in other room.
J Be sure that you feel fit & fine: – Please make sure that the children are fit and fine and feel relaxed during study hours. They will feel comfortable when their stomach is full of eatables and if they are tired.
Children must be asked to finish their extra tasks in time, so that there should not be any pressure on them during study hours.
J Frequency in regular work and study: – This will be very beneficial if children’s give stress on frequency in regular work and study. This is very useful mainly in Mathematics and writing skills.
Regular practice in Mathematics is good for maintaining math skill. As you know that practice makes perfect. This exercise is very much useful in skill development tasks.
J Organize yourself: – One should be organized; this will not allow you to waste your precious time. Make sure that the tools which are applied during study hours are ready and handy. All the devices and tools must be ready in advance to avoid unnecessary waste of time. Everything should be well organized so that unpredicted disturbances may be ignored.
J If “no homework” what next? Keep this in mind: – Sometimes you are planning about leisure hours. You are not sincere about your free time. If no study what next you have planned to do? This is very important that one must plan his/her precious time.
One must have number of options to use leisure hours like reading interesting books, playing indoor games, playing brain games, inculcating general knowledge habit, doing yoga exercises etc. This will develop your overall personality.
J Parents – be relaxed and understand your child: – Parents must be positive and play the role of an observer not a teacher. Please observe the other activities apart from study hours of your child. Do not push them to read the subjects of your choice.
Observation is good enough for a sincere parent to guide and motivate children. One more thing is very important that you try to understand your children’s interest and act and plan accordingly.
J Motivate the children for study and create this study habit forever: – This is important that one should know the ways to motivate the children. For this one should have positive approach while observing the children. First observe the interest of the children, and then decide the ways to motivate. Motivation is a process in which children should be praised out time – to – time for their positive efforts. This will inculcate confident among children and this confidence will become a habit one day.
J Study in short, but frequent sessions; – Dear children and parents, please do try to have short study hours but you have to maintain this by adding so many frequent sessions , so that you may reduce the stress and may feel fresh all time. Frequent sessions may help in bringing the contents in secondary memory of your brain. This will help you to remember the contents you just read or read a day before.
J Honour your emotional feelings: – Dear children always respect your emotions and feeling. This will inculcate something best among you all. Act according to your demands and feelings of your heart. Have future dreams in your mind always but do not cope with your dreams. Do not let your efforts in vain. Encourage yourself by virtue of respecting your soul, eternal feelings.
J Revise and review the same day study contents: – This is very important that one should try revising and reviewing the contents you read for past few days. This will create confidence and you will not forget the contents you read. This is the best way to remember or to recall.
J Use exaggeration as multi approach study tool: – This is very important that during studying any content, one should refer additional resources to understand the concept and try to correlate the same content with additional information, so that you can reach to a distinct place. This will make you extraordinary in the eyes of scholars.
J Prepare your study environment in nearby surroundings:-
It is important to have a positive study environment around you. This will very simply create healthy study environment and you will feel in touch of an environment which will suit to your study atmosphere. Create some friends who are laborious in their studies, may help you creating healthy study environment. Keep whatever tools are required to you during study hours. Like dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference books, subject books, other subject reference books etc.
J Respect “brain fade” complete the tasks priority basis, forgetting things is normal: – It’s very common that one may forget things. One should not be bother about forgetting things. Give stress only on the priorities rather than preparing common contents. Always prepare a check list of your contents and try to place things first which are more important.
J Create a study routine: – Study hours should be in specific routine is should not be treated as normal routine. One may prepare a time table for it. This habit is essential in those who take study as priority basis. Creating study routine always helps in getting things in time. This attitude always helps in reaching the target. Study routine overcomes the stress which comes through long study hours.
J Set reasonable goals: – Dear students always set your aims, dreams and goals in advance, so that you plan accordingly. Setting goals in advance always help students to set things accordingly. This also creates a positive feeling and motivation. Try motivating yourself to reach the destination, you have planned. Setting goals in advance is always fruitful in setting time table as required.
J Avoid the frustration enemies: – Most of the people do not look at their enemies who are affecting the sincere study routine. Try to make a list of those enemies which may affect your study hours and try to kill these enemies by your skillful act and devotion. Sometimes friends, sometimes home sickness, sometimes study environment and sometimes circumstances are responsible for all this. Try avoiding these enemies.
J Be confident: – Dear students please be calm and confident about your aims, dreams and goals. Always keep faith on your skill and efficiency, this will create positive in you. Confidence is the only key to success. Confidence generates motivation and inspiration to reach to destination in time. This feeling may make you sincere in your study and in other aspects of your daily life.
J Be positive: – Positive with your aim is very important for a student. This generates positive approach and energy which may help you reaching the goal and dreams. Positive feeling always reduces stress. This takes you calm, sincere and optimistic. Keep yourself fit in all respect and have faith on your approaches.

Conclusion: –
In the end I can say that by adding the above mentioned ideas regarding study hours will surely take you to right path. Most of the above mentioned ideas are already present in your mind and might be your act is taking place accordingly. This is my duty to take you to fulfil your dreams in time and in a better way. This will surely shorten your way to success.
Keep yourself in touch with good friends, parents, good teachers, and educational counsellors etc. This will inculcate much better what you might have not thought over it. Every studious student requires counselling and guidance to perform better and in a better and different way.
I hope you might have read this article and might have observed something which may change your student life and may create something positive in you. Take care and enjoy the cool study hours.

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