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Strategic Planning

Consistency of thoughts and action is of prime importance in strategic planning and execution in a corporate structure.
Co-ordinated approach of different departments in bringing change in the system and effective control is needed.
Sharing of responsibilities from grass root level to different tiers of hierarchy in proper corporate set up in implementation of any plan or programme , under a time bound schedule keeping in view the resources at command , to ensure the desired level of productivity ,
through each channels of production is necessary.
Management of work force identifying each workman’s potential and setting up targets to each one of them under a team building approach to achieve the anticipated team goal is required.
Encouragement of achievers through incentives and awards will ensure better performance.
Simultaneously identifying the weakness in work force may be strengthened by training and counselling of the workers.
Any grey area in the process to be identified through introspection of anomalies in planning and implementation , and bringing suitable ammendments in the basic plan.
The competive scenario in the market should also be considered and appropriate measure to be taken to stand up the competition. Any loop hole in system when observed should be plugged right ernest to ensure smooth functioning.
Minor hiccups and any major setback should be taken as challenge and corrective steps to be taken to avoid such recurrence.

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