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Strange Sensations

At night in my heart
many strange sensations arose—

Frustrated feeling
at look with
narrow heart
with tears in eyes
holding crutches….
All the helpless journalists of the world!

Feelings are handicapped!
Hung words are made!!
The arms and legs of the magazines are cut off!
Intellectuals are celebrating sitting at home!!

Is there none?
Who is in this dreadful situation?
And from endless darkness
may the entire human race be freed!!

Where to be free
think all life?
Where is love,
mutual exchange
where each other’s feelings
understand all guys…..
where the whole human race
be the same
where… where… where…?

Heard in childhood
of all fairy tales with….
in real people
be stable!
Where… of art and artist
to flourish
have all the circumstances!!

When I opened my eyes, I found—
from utopia
on the ground of reality
I have fallen!
Hitler screaming in front
giving a speech!
At art pages…..
and the artist’s dreams
are scattered!!

Heart breaking scream!
My lips burst!!

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