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Spirituality in the context of peace

Change is the rule of nature. Just as day is followed by night, so one era is followed by another. In this change, the work of the arrival of God and the establishment of the new world is also included. In the present time, changing environment, falling humanity, degradation of values, natural disasters, environmental change, violent human consciousness, terrorism, all incidents are a sign of change. Today the whole world is standing on the verge of change. In such a situation, by realizing the divine and imagining human values ​​in life, one should participate in the creation of a new world, moist environment.

Presently we are living in a prosperous era. Everything is within the grasp of man, but peace of mind is lacking. The peace chain within us has been lost somewhere, that inner love, trust and peace cannot be found even by wishing to us. It is the wish of every person that we should have a feeling of peace for two moments, but alas, there is hollowness inside.

The quest for peace and spirituality
The peace for which we have run for temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, still got disappointment. The reason for this is that we are the original chakra of the Supreme Father Shiva, the ocean of peace, by whose remembrance one attains infinite peace. This peace can be attained only by the true knowledge of God. If we do not know that God, then how will peace be attained, how will our life vessels be crossed. To know who will take us souls from this world, to know God, it is necessary to know God.

Who is the divine-
We worship 33 crore deities here, but the center point of all is Shiva. God Shiva is also the God of the gods, the creator of the universe and the supporter of the creation, God is the Trilokinath, the owner of the three worlds, the Trikaldarshi who knows all the three periods. God is the unborn, the enjoyer, the non-doer. He is the ocean of knowledge, joy, love, happiness and purity. He is the giver of peace, whose form is in the form of light.

Soul and God
Every person in the world has some kind of relationship. The way one assumes the body, he is the father of that body. Similarly, the relation of God-soul is that of father-son. Whatever soul-dwellers or body-dwellers are seen in the world, they are all created by the Supreme Soul. That is why all of us souls have a close relationship with the Supreme Souls. Because of this relationship, when a person is disturbed and unhappy from all sides in the material world, then he remembers God with a sincere heart, because he is his guide and gives selfless love to selfless human souls.
God creates this world, when a person reaches continuously in his actions, then despite being in the form of a human, his gestures, deeds, thinking all become contrary to humanity, and being the best creature in the world He also performs such actions, which only the demons do.
In our scriptures, there is talk of western doing wrong deeds, but our actions have become even lower level than that. Tama predominates in the great sense of devotion in the country and in the world. Human beings have become so burdened while committing sins that the temple goes to the mosque only to wash off their sins or to fulfill their selfish interests. At these religious places, human beings do not accept the blessings of liberation or liberation for themselves, but they ask for many kinds of vows. The low level of relations has become so deep and corrupted that the lowest level incidents are often heard in the relationship between father-daughter, father-son, brother-sister, mother-son.
worldly tendencies
There are usually three types of people in the world, first those who believe in science, second or those who believe in scriptures, thirdly those who are orthodox. No one has any idea what is our destination, science itself has done various inventions to make atom bombs for what? The threat of global warming is increasing. depletion of the ozone layer. Due to these, various natural calamities and diseases are getting control. It is a symbol of the end, where according to the scriptures, the declining dignity of relationships, increasing unrest, mutual differences, injustice and corruption are clearly visible today.
The civil war described in the Mahabharata is clearly visible today. Characters of Mahabharata like Shakuni will be found at the turn of every street today. Fathers who are blind to the son’s attachment to misusing wealth, only preaching the scriptures and possessed by their minds are all present today. All these are the same signs, which God has told about his arrival.
Those who are orthodox, they should see that our welfare is in the matter, whether old beliefs can be followed. When needed, they even manipulate them citing their own compulsion.
Therefore, all these things are worth considering, so today the time is standing on the verge of change. Only God can change all this, when in the material world one becomes unhappy and disturbed all around. Then with a sincere heart he remembers the Supreme Soul to guide him with the right heart.
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