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Sometimes ️


Sometime I am so proud of you,
Sometimes I am afraid of you.
Sometimes I admire you
Nd sometimes I m inspired by you.

Sometimes you tell the truth,
Nd sometimes you evade the truth.
Sometimes you run run nd run,
Sometimes you sleep nd sleep.

Sometimes you love Soo much,
Sometimes you are little selfish.
Sometimes you die for your friends,
Sometimes they die for your attention.

Sometimes you bare your heart to me,
Nd sometimes you shout at me for asking too much.

Sometimes you are so vulnerable ,
Nd sometimes you are like a rock.

Sometimes you are so predictable
Nd sometimes no one can understand you

My little one
This is you.
I love you
For all your good nd stupid things.

All my love nd good wishes and blessings are with you
Just wish you have a happy life full of sunshine nd stars

Never even think that I doubt your capabilities
But never even think that I ll stop my Questions

You remain being You
I remain being Me
And may be sometime
Your answers nd my Questions
Will be same

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I am a post graduate in English literature . Had Sanskrit ,psychology and English as my subjects for graduation.Love to write poetries in both Hindi and English

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