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Literature is the mirror of the society and the function of the mirror is to show the reflection of the one who is standing in front of it. Literature and society have had an interdependent relationship since ages. We can see the complete reflection of the society in the literature of the time. Emotions like hope-disappointment, happiness-sadness, enthusiasm-disappointment prevailing in the society affect the literature and these determine the nature of literature. The emergence of any trend in literature is due to the circumstances of the time. Circumstances change the mind of the public and changing the attitude of the public changes the nature of literature.

Literature has played an important role in the development of human civilization. Ideas gave birth to literature and literature gave dynamics to the ideology of man, did the work of making it civilized. The work of bringing change in the ideology of human beings is done by literature itself, history is witness that all the changes that have come in any nation or society till date, they all come through literature only. The litterateur writes about the evils, discrepancies, distortions, shortages, inequalities, inequalities, etc. spread in the society, works to make the public aware of them. Literature is for the public good. When moral values ​​begin to decline in social life, then literature guides the public. Due to these qualities of literature, it is called the mirror of society. In fact, if seen, literature is an autonomous soul and even its creator cannot tell exactly when and where the echoes of the literature created by him will go.

In literature there is the cultivation of truth, the desire for Shivatva and the expression of beauty. Pure, vibrant and excellent literature keeps transmitting the feelings of human and society and its instincts to the public for ages. Literature decides the future by keeping the present in front. The basic goal of literature is to awaken the dormant conscience of the society.

Literature is the only way to identify any society closely. The splendid culture of ancient India has been recognized only by the creation of literature like Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata. Society has always been unquestionably reflected in literature. A clear reflection of society is also visible in the literature of the present modern period. There are many such problems prevailing in the society, mismatch-marriage etc., which have been reflected in the literature.

The unbreakable relationship between the litterateur and the society gives the message that literature should guide the society properly. Although the writer is not a preacher, yet his broad thinking gives a new direction to the society. Therefore, his goal is not only to create creations by getting lost in the colorful world of imagination, but also to identify the direction of welfare of society and human beings.

Pt. Sanjeev Shukla ‘Sachin’

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D/O/B- 07/01/1976 मैं पश्चिमी चम्पारण से हूँ, ग्राम+पो.-मुसहरवा (बिहार) वर्तमान समय में दिल्ली में एक प्राईवेट सेक्टर में कार्यरत हूँ। लेखन कला मेरा जूनून है। Books: कुसुमलता (अभिलाषा नादान की)…

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