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Seeing you

The night has passed by.
Things that were to be said became a story.
I will tell you if there be a rebirth.
The ego of your greatness
Had been too big.
I will tell you how cruel as well.
And My prestige that was broken
I’ll add piece by peice.
In the definition of your love
The right was prominent.
I understood it was humanity
That Had the soul raised it high.
Why is there doubt in every regime
Today I understood.
The fear of loosing the fort is so terrible
Today I understood.
The logic of being a king even in democracy
Hilarious is very much.
And Mind to punish, anyone
Is as such.
Poverty is disturbed and saddened in the body.
Seeing every corruption hidden with joy
Is irritating.
Rebellions did never break poverty.
The leader destroyed everything.
We are left deprived of .
Family arrangements only may
If you could take it on the social and national platform
Bring Happiness.
Will not go and come back every now and then.
You will see it is stable.
Everyone desirous to be worried about everyone.
Arun Prasad


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