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See, I will give all the metal of anklet

See, I will give all the metal of my anklet.
Melt it and forge into missiles.
See, I will give all the gold
Melt and roll your armor.
I’ll take all this thick hair off
Bind and fly,
I will sharpen your flight.
Warrior, upbringing your battle
My vermilion is aspiring.
You are the boundaries and the world
Be victorious in both the war
This resolution is our share.
On the justification of the war that was fought
Questions arise, solved.
Will rise and sleep again.
People have them
Saved on the corner of the room.
Will put it again.
Just like history.
Everyday my eyes fall on her.
Questions begin to arise, in the mind
Is war the truth? Of life.
Buddha is not a country.
If there was a country, it would not have been Buddha.
Buddha is not defeated.
If there was a defeat, there would not be non-violent.
Buddha is not just a message.
If there was a message, there would be no ‘craving for Buddha’.
Buddha is a human deed.
If there is no karma then after every war
He is not searched.
Buddha is not the truth of all time.
Buddha is the reactive truth.
Otherwise the war would have been looted.
‘War is the only truth’, we have to live this.
So for post war rape
And I’m not scared of that.
For the war of soul i.e. the war of Buddha
What if the war of body is lost!
This is your universal victory.
I don’t provoke war
Inspire you.
Religion should be established on this earth.
Religion is a compilation of good deeds
And the operations with loyalty.
Compassion is a religion.
Prayer is a selfish-driven irrelevant.
You stand up to war against war.
You are stuck in the summer to awaken the Buddha. …


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