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INTRODUCTION: – Students, the future of a nation, play a very vital role in nation building. Every individual countryman can play its role in nation building by doing his duties in right manner. One should be sincere about his duties not only for self but also in the prospects of the nation. As we all know that our life is very short and we have a lot to do for our society, our nation and for the whole world. Mainly two duties are there which we have to play sincerely. One is to do the maximum efforts in the shortest possible duration without taking stress and secondly is whatever we may be in the society; we have to do our work with sincere efforts.
As we know that the future of country or of a nation fully depends upon its citizens so there is a great need of healthy minds. This is possible only when the discipline is inculcated by making the students aware of their duties and responsibilities. For making young generation an integral part of nation building, the seeds of discipline must be sown in their minds through moral values. Whatever knowledge is being acquired by the student’s that should be utilized for the betterment of self, society and the nation. Student’s prime duty is towards their teachers and parents. The education system must stress on the all round development of the students.
Students may contribute towards the society and the nation by keeping good deeds and moral conduct. The educational values should help them to mould themselves into dutiful citizens. As we all know that academic discipline deserves serious consideration. Students should not mislead their self by indulging in the activities which may take them away from their destination. Students must be cautious and sincere about their future. They should know their role in the society.
Mainly students deal with study, as duty. This very duty of process of learning brings knowledge and off course social and cultural, traditional touch amongst them. This very tradition and culture remain in their heart till they get older and become a sincere part of the nation and society. Student’s life gives a lot the children by virtue of taking part in co-curricular activities and many other activities. These very habits help children to inculcate patriotic touch amongst them. Maintaining the dignity of student’s life brings a lot in them.
In early pre-independent India where students were motivated to play their role in the national struggle for freedom movements by leaving study aside. They have been called by the freedom fighters time to time for their participation in getting country free from the rule of British. At the time of quit India movement was the major event in this regard. Lakhs and lakhs of students took part in this movement by leaving their studies aside. It was a sincere participation of students in national interest. Youth Indians felt proud of being a part of this movement. They have been treated as key players in quit India movement. Even today students can play the same role by following the rules and regulations in various concerns.
India became free; at this stage total pressure came on the shoulders of the students to reconstruct the nation. It was not an easy task to fulfill in a short duration. It was really difficult to resolve the problems India faced after independence. It was a time to build legislation and to make necessary and fundamental arrangements for the betterment of the countrymen. This was the situation where things were not easy to settle. The whole nation was for the young strength. It is a matter of proud that students played their role very well in free India for national reconstruction. This was the time of crisis and disaster for free India, but students shown the use of their potential for nation building. Especially the young brigade of the border part of free India played a prominent role by providing the relief and shelter to the needy persons.
Students have utilized their strength for the betterment of the society and nation both. They often helped the state authorities and civil through various ways especially maintain the law and order, communal harmony, peace, services required as volunteers, vaccination programmes, immunization , pulse polio drops, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, fires, accidents, elections, literacy campaigns, including adult literacy and census by holding rallies, awareness programmes, exhibitions, direct participation, financial contributions and by means of providing medicines and basic needs etc. Every minute contribution is counted when this goes to the right person.
Role of students in clean and dirt free politics is a major challenge now. Most of we feel that the political scenario of todays is not so pollution free. People contribute to their nation by providing taxes and all but this important sum goes in vain by virtue of insincere efforts and improper planning. Students should not indulge in such activities. In India politics have an impact on the minds of the young generation. They are interacted towards the power of politics. They ruin their own career being a member of the dirty politics. The students should realize that this is the best time for them to study when their mind is fresh and when they are free from the stress and strain of life which often overtakes the grow-up minds. They can utilize their strength for the betterment of the society either by doing a good turn or by through some NGO’s. They can contribute by doing their duties faithfully and sincerely.
Students can share their problems with teachers of their institution. They can resolve all their matters with the authority concerns. They should help in maintaining the dignity of the institution. They should avoid strike and other ways of means to resolve problems. Maintaining discipline in the institution plays a very vital role in maintaining law and order. Educational bodies try avoiding having elections in their institutions, this leads to dirty political scenario in the institution. This leads to bad impact on the minds of the regular and sincere students. As we believe that the prime duty of a student is to gain knowledge and to prepare for some useful career according to their choice and caliber. At the same time they should learn discipline, for both physical and moral development. They should lead a simple and pure life. They should be ready to serve their nation at the time of need. They should feel proud of serving the rural people. They should emerge as new ray of hope to streamline the process of national reconstruction.
Students can play their role by following means:-
1. As professionals
2. As employee of an institution
3. As a part of NGO’s
4. As counselors
5. As sincere politicians
6. As an integral part of defense department
7. As a scientist
8. As policy maker
9. As a true citizen
10. As a businessmen
11. As economist
12. As a writer
13. As a teacher
14. As an administrative
15. As an eminent personality
16. As social worker
17. As a farmer
18. As a motivator
19. As a guider
20. As a preacher to guide society
21. As great saints
22. As social reformer
23. As sincere parents
24. As path maker
25. As followers creator
26. As great educationist
27. And many more

Conclusion: – By observing the whole contents of the essay we may conclude that the role of students is very vital in respect to nation building. They are the key players of the society. They may play their role globally. They may contribute in any ways.
Students must maintain their dignity by holding the arms of discipline. They must have their eyes on their aim. They may create ideals by virtue of their sincere efforts not only in the institution but also to the society. I wish they will continue the tradition of being a sincere part of the society.

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