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There are instances and situations in the life of every individual when helplessness , deep depression, utter confusion and total loss of confidence is felt.
Mental faculties come to a level of deep silence without any recourse of thought process to a standstill state.
lt is because of unforeseen and unexpected happening which take place instantly at that point of time bring an individual to that state of mind .
Regaining the confidence at that seems very difficult ; but it is not impossible .
It is necessary to bring the mind out of that state to seek alternatives in such situation absorbing the shock nullifying it’s effect ; thinking best possible alternative measures inorder to save any subject or situation from further deterioration , keeping aside past happenings and not pondering over it.
Presence of active mental attitude and action; help any individual to build up lost confidence to motivational level of positive alternative course of action , and provide best possible appropriate solution to come out from that mental state and face the inevitable odds .
Here it is very important to mention that in such situation seeking help from others should be last alternative after exploring all the alternatives at the command of self.
Too much dependence on outside help may weaken the regained confidence when expected help is not forthcoming.
Because of the fact that it is the other’s
positive attitude or vibes of willingness to help , which may or may not be forthcoming inorder to save the subject from the effect of adverse situation.

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