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Responsibility is the realisation of ability of an individual in performance of a promise / obligation with assignment of reciprocation in return.
Such performance depend only on the level of acceptance by an individual for reciprocation and not on the assignor.
Therefore it is a two way channel between assignment and acceptance for ultimate results.
The skill of assignor in identification and assessment of potential of acceptor has great bearing on accomplishment.
Entrustment of responsibility at appropriate degree of acceptance determine it’s success. Simultaneously , willingness of the acceptor in reciprocation and situation and resources at his command are also major factors of his accomplishment.

This type of two way channel of assignment and accomplishment if not smooth and strong enough due to weak bondage ,
result in dilution and inconsistency of accomplishment.

Therefore true realisation of capabilities of an individual and quantum of available resources and situation favourable for accomplishment are the essential ingredients of entrustment of responsibility.

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