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Repercussions of Shock

When there is any sudden unexpected shocking incident happening , mental faculties come to a stand still without any ability to think the reasons behind such a happening and emotional cloud surrounds and utter helplessness is felt.
The conscious mind tries to come out such a state and tries to control it by suppressing the emotions and compromises with self , and avoids the analysis of cause and tries to structure future course of action .
In this process , emotions and pondering into cause due to avoidance , suppression , and exercising forced self control , are automatically saved in sub conscious state of mind.
These emotional clouds reappear when conscious mind is not active state ie: when sleeping or in meditating conditions in sub conscious state.
In this condition ; subconscious mind becomes hyperactive and attains tremendous speed of subconscious thinking ; which is uncontrollable. .
This results in mental fatigue after returning to conscious awakened state of mind.
Therefore such incidents cause irreparable damage to the brain cells , causing complications like dementia ,and other psychological conditions ; like behavioural changes , and other physiological problems; like loss of appetite , irregular bowel syndrome , laziness , fatigue , headache , difficulty in concentration in execution of task etc.
Therefore , such shocking incidence unknowingly cause permanent damage to brain cells and create grey areas.
The quantum of such an effect varies from individual to individual , depending on inherent intensity of emotional quotient , receptivity and response system of the brain of that particular individual in question ; governing his mental condition.

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