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The hair hanging till the waist, the big dot on the forehead, the small hairs on the forehead looked as if the clouds had covered the crescent moon. Seeing gracefully, it looked as if an Apsara had descended from heaven.

But everything was in disarray because the mourning that had spread had eclipsed her every happiness. Her husband’s body, wrapped in a white cloth in front, had raised endless questions before her.

Due to lack of education, the crisis of livelihood was permanent. The one who was her husband till now had become dear to Allah. Due to illness, the job was lost long ago, there was only a broken hut to live, after losing the present, there was concern about the future.

There was a mismatch with the husband, the husband was forty, he was twenty, the parents died in a road accident and due to no one, maternal uncle had made a bell around the neck of the middle-aged, Madhumayi did not get much leave to do her own bad. Thinking before that, it was covered with this age-drawn person.

Due to not having children, she was alone, there was no one in this mighty world. God did all the excess he had to do. Was just waiting for some ray of hope. There was little hope then in the person who was sitting in front of her husband’s body and was gathering all the equipment for the last ceremony.

Because poverty is the subject of some kind of shelter, while the support Madhumati was seen in the person sitting in front of the earthly body. But not as a companion or a life path, but as a friend of her husband. In the cruel world of the Creator, as soon as one door is closed, the other is automatically lost.

Madhumati’s burdensome life was no exception to this. When all the guests started going back to their homes, Madhumati was afraid of the future, how she would be able to overcome the loneliness if left alone in the house and how she would meet the future needs. When her husband’s friend started leaving after the guests left, she became very emotional and fell at his feet. Understanding the meaning of falling at his feet, he stayed for two days because due to financial deprivation, the stomach has to be sacrificed the most.
After staying for two days, the friend filled some of the shortcomings, but the mouth of the deficit was open, which was possible to fulfill, she was alone in the world, so she was looking for the help of straws, when the friend of the deceased husband left, she was left alone for him. Neighbors were very supportive. The Malin living in the neighborhood would come every day to ask him if he needed anything.
But under the control of hesitation, sometimes she would take something and sometimes she would refuse, but the business of life does not run with rejection, so she wanted to get some permanent support. Ultimately, Madhumati married a young man who had a daughter to run her life. took .

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