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Real friendship

Books should be the first choice of friendship, in return they give us power. Books are like our wings, which inspire us every moment to touch the heights of that sky, the more time we give to them, it makes us the bigger player… We should strengthen the relationship with books. A good book can change our thoughts and make us a gentleman.. This book shows the way…., this book takes the path to the destination ..Sometimes its like a friend, sometimes it becomes a parent. ..This is the book which gives me a feeling every moment…

My favorite thing about friendship is Bhagwat Geeta which helps us to understand every aspect of life. The journey of life can be facilitated by following the rules mentioned in it, in finding solutions for every situation which we takes as a problem.. Actually the real essence of life is in bhagvat geeta. As our guide, always shows us the way. Gives the knowledge to make the state of mind positive. It teaches us to extend the hand of friendship to others.. Saves us from committing sins..It is Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta that makes me a human being…

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